New National League competition details confirmed

New Zealand Football has confirmed the details of its brand-new competition the National League. 

View the new National League branding as well as more details on the competition

The National League is New Zealand Football’s biggest ever football league competition. As announced in December, the new competition is designed to prioritise youth development and sustainability while providing an open structure that allows any club in the country the ability to compete at a national level in both women’s and men’s football. This is a move away from the previous franchise or regional based models, which only allowed a select group of teams to compete at national level.

The men’s competition features 30 teams competing in three regional leagues, the Northern League, the Central League and the Southern League, with the top sides in each qualifying for the National League Championship phase. The regional leagues run across the traditional winter football season, with the National League Championship phase taking place from October to December. 

The women’s competition will see the best four club sides from the northern region, plus four federation sides from the rest of the country, competing over 14 rounds for the National League Championship title from September to December. The competition will transition to a fully club-based model as capability grows.

All games in the National League Championship phase, for both the women’s and men’s competitions, will be broadcast on Sky Sport or streamed live. 

“This is a game changer for football in New Zealand,” says Andrew Pragnell, CEO of New Zealand Football. 

“The new National League gives young Kiwi talent the best chance of succeeding in the game, allows fans to support one club throughout one season and provides a truly sustainable base for the future of football in New Zealand.”

Article added: Friday 26 February 2021


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