NZ Football launches home training programme

With the country officially in lockdown, now is the perfect time for young players all over New Zealand to sharpen their skills ahead of the upcoming winter season.

New Zealand Football has therefore produced a handy training guide aimed at junior and youth footballers, which they can follow by themselves in their own backyard or local area.

The opening edition of the easy-to-understand programme covers the first week of training and a new set of activities will be released at the start of each week of the lockdown period.

The programme is based on each of the key areas within New Zealand Football’s four-corner holistic training model – technical, tactical, physical and mental.

It has been created to be completed individually or with a sibling but parents are recommended to work through the activities with the player(s). No contact is required with players outside of their family unit and it is highly recommended that players maintain personal hygiene best practice at all times, as well as continuing to follow government guidelines. 

“This programme has been put together to support the development of players in New Zealand as we go through these challenges times together,” explains New Zealand Football Technical Director and former All White Andy Boyens.

“While team football is unfortunately on hold for the time being, it’s important to keep in mind that football will be back soon and we want our young players to be ready and raring to go when it returns. The programme caters for both the beginner and more experienced player but can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual, so feel free to mix and match where you see fit,” he adds. 

“Let us know how you get on through our social media platforms and we look forward to seeing you and your budding young footballers back on the pitch soon!”

To download the first edition of the New Zealand Football Home Training Programme please click here

Article added: Monday 06 April 2020

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