Congratulations to Rowan Giles from Hillcrest High School who is our 2023 Maccas Moment of the Year winner!

Here's a dazzling review from one of Rowan's teammates:

"Rowan Giles is many great things; a successful DJ, a licensed driver, and a rowing prodigy. But most importantly, she is a Footballer. A pure athlete. A Beast. A Monster. Both on and off the field, Rowan is an essential member of the Hillcrest Hyena pack and is greatly adored.

Rowan scored this goal of greatness against a local rival, one which only a GOAT could score. The crowd went wild, but deep down we always knew she was capable of such excellence. She must be interested in astrophysics, because that goal was an absolute rocket! Look out for this unpredictable, gifted woman, her future is very bright."