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Girls & Women's Football Week: 8-15 September, 2014

Give football a go!

We’re inviting all girls (and their mums and dads) to come along and get a taste of football. There are fantastic Football Festivals with girls-only games and free skill sessions, plus the chance meet the people from your local club and find out what’s on offer.

On top of that, you could meet star players from the Football Ferns. New Zealand’s top female players will be appearing at events throughout the week to sign autographs, run skill sessions and give away prizes
Is football for you?

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has already played the game, there’s a place for you at your local club. New Zealand Football supports the growth of women’s football by providing resources and organising competitions throughout New Zealand, all year round. We’re keen for girls and women of all ages to get involved.

Even the most talented female players were beginners once. They came to a game or practice session, had a kick-around, and decided to get involved. They gave football a go – and so can you.

"Football has been my life's biggest adventure, ever since a friend invited me along to my very first kick-around. I've gone all over the world, and played in professional leagues in Germany, England and Japan. Football has allowed me to live a life most people dream of.”

Sarah Gregorius, Football Fern

For more information on what's happening during Girls and Women's Week 2014, contact the Girls and Women's Development Officer in your Federation.

Coaches and Game Leaders

This can be a great way for Mums and other adults to get involved in the game. You probably already know a fair bit about overseeing kids and helping them do their best. Introductory courses are available, and you’ll receive support and training at every stage.


Another great way to get involved alongside the young players in your family. There are introductory courses provided in your local area with all the resources you need.

8 reasons why football is great for girls

1. Play the world’s No. 1 sport
Football is played in almost every country, and women’s football is experiencing huge growth. 29 million girls and women currently play football worldwide. The final of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany was seen by tens of millions of viewers (14.1 million in the USA alone).

2. New Zealand women are making their mark
The Football Ferns regularly play top nations in front of packed stadiums, and win matches at the highest level. With ambition and dedication, you could join them.

3. A fantastic way to get fit
Football is a great way to get in shape and build fitness. With regular training and games, you’ll feel on top of the world.

4. USA scholarships and other professional opportunities overseas
A number of New Zealand female players have received football scholarships to top USA colleges. Others are playing as fulltime professionals in countries such as Germany and Sweden.

5. Play with your friends – and meet new ones
Football is a team sport, and the social side is just as important as the physical side. The friendships you make can last a lifetime.

6. Girls-only football available
If you’re aged 7-12, you have a choice. You can play alongside against the boys in mixed teams during winter, or play in our girls-only leagues that are offered all year round. Or try both!

7. No need to give up other sports
Football for girls aged 7-12 is now offered all year round, with the recent introduction of summer girls’ football. If you already play another sport, football gives you more options.

8. It’s fun!
Learn new skills, play with your friends and take part in exciting games every week. Find out why 29 million women around the world love playing football.

Fixtures & Results

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