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Successful sports have effective national structures to align the efforts of all involved – from first-year junior players to experienced coaches and officials. As well as delivering a greater number of world-class players, this approach helps ensure a high-quality experience for all involved. The long-term goal is to develop more and better players, and encourage players, coaches, administrators and officials to remain in our game for life.

Our new National Player Development Framework aims to build an effective structure for football by following three key objectives.

More World-Class Players

  1. A high-quality player development infrastructure for the development of world class players
  2. More players playing in the highest men’s and women’s professional leagues internationally
  3. More young players (18+ years) receiving professional contracts with professional clubs throughout the world
  4. More success at FIFA World events
  5. More coaches achieving the highest professional qualifications and working in professional football environments in the highest leagues internationally



Increase player numbers & skill levels from a young age

  1. A development structure for junior and youth players built on evidenced based long term player development principles
  2. Adopting an early engagement approach to enhance the joy of football and to support players falling in love with the game
  3. More opportunities to practice both in deliberate play and deliberate practice environments to accumulate more football hours
  4. A national skill development achievement programme to motivate players in their quest to become better players
  5. High quality and visible pathways for talented players


Retain all participants in football for life

  1. Delivering high quality football experiences for all participants at all levels in the game
  2. More football opportunities specifically tailored to players’ needs based on their motivations,
    aspirations and ability levels
  3. Effective football delivery mechanisms to ensure the game is easy to access and simple to coordinate
  4. Strengthening the volunteer workforce through motivational, inspirational and role specific training and support programmes
  5. Introducing greater variety in game format leading to more opportunities to play the game


More Information

National Player Development Framework

To find out more about the National Player Framework Development open a copy below or contact your local Football Development Officer.

 National Player Development Framework

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