OFC Futsal Championships

Futsal Whites claim second spot

The Futsal Whites secured a second-placed finish at the OFC Futsal Championships on Saturday with a 4-1 victory New Caledonia at the Vodafone Arena in Suva, Fiji. Scott Gilligan’s New Zealand side were forced to come… [more]


Tournament programme

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“We’ve got a really good group of young players coming through, Luc (Saker) is one of the first of those coming through and you can see the skill level there. We’ve got some kids like that back home so I know the next four years is utilising those players.” Scott Gilligan v New Caledonia

“I can’t fault the boys. They gave everything and were just beaten by a better team on the night. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.” Scott Gilligan v Solomon Islands

“Yes we always wanted to get the three points, it wasn’t a great performance however. But we got the win and I think that’s important.” Scott Gilligan v Fiji

Highlights: New Zealand v Solomon Islands

Highlights: New Zealand v Tahiti


Highlights: New Zealand v Vanuatu

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Match schedule/reports

Vanuatu 0-5 New Zealand
Monday 8 February, 5.30pm (6.30pm NZ time)

New Zealand 3-2 Tahiti
Tuesday 9 February, 8pm (9pm NZ time)

Solomon Islands 4-1 New Zealand
Wednesday 10 February, 5.30pm (6.30pm NZ time)

Fiji 1-3 New Zealand
Friday 12 February, 8pm (9pm NZ time)

New Zealand 4-1 New Caledonia
Saturday 13 February, 8pm (9pm NZ time)


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Stephen Ashby-Peckham
Date of birth: 18 Nov 2017
Place of birth:
Position: Flanker
Current Club: Auckland Football Futsal
‘A’ Internationals: 8 (4)