FIFA 11+

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FIFA 11+

New Zealand Football has partnered with the ACC and FIFA to implement a nationwide roll out of the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme. f-marc

New Zealand joins world football powers  such as Germany, Brazil and Spain in being one of only a few countries to have adopted the programme which will be  integrated into New Zealand Football’s High Performance set-up, New Zealand Football coaching courses and the Quality Club Mark programme.

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What is the FIFA 11+?

The FIFA 11+ program was designed by a panel of international experts specifically to reduce the risk of injury in football.  It has been developed to work as a warm-up and is designed to be delivered by team coaches.  It has been scientifically validated and has been proven to reduce the risk of all injury by 30% and severe injuries by 50%.

How does it work?

The programme is designed to replace a traditional warm-up.  It is divided into three parts with a total of of 15 exercises.  It is easy to learn and only takes between 15-20 minutes to complete.   Part one of the programme involves some slow speed running, active stretching and some controlled partner contacts.  Part two involves a number of exercises to improve core and leg strength, plyometrics and balance.  There are three levels of difficulty for these exercises.  The final component involves further running exercises.  These are done at a higher level of intensity and involve change of direction.  The injury prevention benefit is seen when the programme is done twice a week (or more).

Football - All Whites Training, 27 May 2014

All Whites Luke Adams and Storm Roux going through the FIFA11+ warm-up before training. Photo by Photosport.

How can the FIFA 11+ help my team’s performance?

In addition to reducing the risk of injury the FIFA 11+ has also been shown to enhance performance.  Athletes who do the programme regularly can expect to see improvements in their speed, agility and balance.  Individual teams will also benefit as we know, from a study in the UEFA Champions League, that teams who have less injuries perform better.

FIFA 11+ programme

VIDEOS – FIFA 11+ Exercises

Visit the FIFA 11+ website for a full look at the programme including video examples of the exercises

Click here for a downloadable poster of the FIFA 11+ programme exercises (PDF)