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NZF tackling $25 million issue

Each year football injuries take thousands of players away from the game they love while costing the country around $25 million dollars a year. Yes, you read that right: $25 million dollars a year. New Zealand Football… [more]

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“The cost to New Zealand of football-related injuries each year is about 25 million dollars. If we can reduce the risk of injury it will provide a massive saving for the community.”
NZF Medical Director Dr Mark Fulcher.


NZF Medical Director Dr Mark Fulcher



Click here for a downloadable poster of the FIFA11+ programme (PDF)



Visit the official FIFA11+ website for more details.


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McDonald’s Skills Zone

The McDonald’s Skills Zone is a fun opportunity for young players to improve specific techniques relevant to the modern game, as well as giving them a sense of personal achievement and development. It provides age… [more]


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